– Lifetime Tune-Up Packages

Goldstream Bicycles is thrilled to announce our new Lifetime Tune-Up package. This package offers you annual tune-ups for as long as you own the bike, for a one-time fee of $99.99 (if purchased with a bike).

Most bicycles benefit from an annual tune-up, which not only makes their gears and brakes work better, but helps many parts last longer through preventative measures, such as making sure bearings are sufficiently tight, and adjusting brake pads so that they wear evenly. Our rigourous 25-point Tune-Up is designed with your bike’s long-term well-being, and therefore, your cycling satisfaction, in mind.

Lifetime tune-ups normally cost $300 on bicycles not sold by Goldstream Bicycles, but are available for only $99.99 if bought with a bike we sell. A single tune-up regularly costs $69.99. Once you’ve paid for two annual tune-ups over the life of the bike, the lifetime tune-up package is less expensive than buying tune-ups as you go. It’s more convenient too; you no longer need to budget for tune-ups, or wonder if your bicycle needs one, you simply get one every year at no additional charge which allows you to enjoy your riding secure in the knowledge your bike is tight and adjusted.

We’ve been quietly rolling out the Lifetime Tune-Up package this autumn, but now we’re proudly announcing it to everyone. We’re offering an opportunity this winter for people who previously purchased bikes at Goldstream Bicycles to buy in to Lifetime Tune-Ups for the $99.99 price that anyone buying one of our bikes can now receive.

Each Lifetime Tune-Up package is associated to a particular bike, and is valid for as long as you own that bike. Replacement parts (if necessary) and installation are extra, but the tightening and adjusting of those parts would be included in each annual tune-up you receive. This is a great way for long-term Goldstream customers and new customers alike to reward themselves, and save the expense of purchasing periodic tune-ups as they enjoy their bicycles.

The option for existing customers to buy into Lifetime Tune-Ups for $99.99 will not be available forever. To benefit from the programme please visit the store before the end of January to ensure your eligibility, and feel free to bring your bike with you and get your first tune-up (a $69.99 value) immediately when purchasing Lifetime Tune-Ups.