We’re proud to carry primarily Canadian brands of bikes, in a broad range of categories to suit every rider and interest. Confused about sizing? We have a FAQ for that.


The Devinci E-Griffin is one option in electric bikes.Electric bicycles are a growing category, and they have a lot of options to consider. We have more information about the category here, and we’re happy to help you navigate options. Go farther, faster, with less effort.


Comfort bikes are designed to give you the most comfortable possible ride. A more upright riding position lets you relax and take in the scenery. Seats tend to be wider and cushier, too.

We also offer comfort hybrids, which offer a little more performance while maintaining a focus on comfort. Learn more about comfort here.


Bike To Work Week is a great time to see if you want to commute by bike all the timeHybrids give you a mix of road and mountain technology, with flat handlebars and 700c wheels with fairly narrow tires. They’re the most popular option for commuting, because they can accommodate panniers and give you a great position for navigating traffic while staying light and zippy.


Crosstrail bikes have the versatility of a hybrid paired with enough ruggedness to let you get farther off the beaten path. They’re great for light trail riding and commuting if you want one bike to do it all.


Fat Bikes

Ride over any surface in any weather with these incredibly beefy-tired bikes. They’re perfect for dealing with snow, loose gravel or deep mud. If your idea of a road ride is back roads and loggings roads, check out a fat bike.


Cross-country (aka XC) bikes are light and fast. These nimble mountain bikes designed for keeping your tires on the ground as you carve up the trails, climb over logs, and master the mountainside.


All-Mountain bikes are designed to take a lot of the abuse XC bikes can’t, while still being lightweight and aimed at technical riding. They can handle small drops and rougher trails while not making climbing a total pain.


Enduro bikes are aimed at endurance mountain racing – built to handle downhill aspects as well as climb and tackle the technical aspects of a course. Get dirty and go fast. Enduro is a growing and fun racing category.

Dirt Jump

Dirt jump bikes are designed for dirt tracks and taking big hits when you land, with a focus on tricks and maneuverability.


Freeride mountain bike riding is about tackling anything in your path, from roots to jumps. If you want to take the most fun path down the mountain, then this could be the category for you.


Downhill racing is about getting from the top of the hill to the bottom as fast as possible, flowing down over any obstacles. DH racing involves big hits and big suspension. There’s a lot of overlap with freeride, but the geometry can change with the slightly different goals.


A quality kids bike offers lightweight adjustability designed to make riding fun for newer riders. We have a variety of options for kids – read more about them here.

Lightweight Performance

People like to go fast. Anything that humans can move, they like to move as quickly as possible. Bicycles are no exception. Crossing the finish line faster than others, or even faster than on previous attempts, has been a facet of cycling almost since its inception. Whether racing penny farthings, or ultra-light time-trial bikes, winning is part skill, part grit, and part equipment. Read more about the equipment here. We carry a variety of road, cyclocross, and triathlon bikes.


BMX covers a range of subcategories, mostly with 20 inch wheels and a focus on maneuverability.


Freestyle BMX riding covers many subcategories. It boils down to a focus on doing cool tricks and jumps, which means a bike that can handle the abuse.


Image courtesy of Tegan Bown of Waking Dreamer Photography racing involves riding a light, fast bike around a dirt track as fast as you can, no matter how many hills are along the way.


All-purpose BMXs are light enough to do some racing and strong enough to do some tricks. They’re fantastic if you don’t know which direction you want to go or if you want to do a little bit of everything.

Used Bikes

We take quality name brand bikes in on trade. We also sell bikes on consignment for our equally discerning customers. Bring yours in for a free assessment at any time. We tune all of our used bicycles completely before we put them out for sale. They come with a limited thirty-day warranty, because we stand behind our work.