Electric Bikes

The Devinci E-Griffin is one option in electric bikes.Electric bicycles are a growing category, and they have a lot of options to consider. To start with, most electric bicycles aren’t electric in the same way an electric motorcycle would be: they’re pedal-assist. And that’s a good thing! It keeps you legal on bike paths, while still meaning you can magnify the effect of every pedal-stroke. Electric assist lets you go farther, faster, which can be a great option for long-distance commutes.

Electric is versatile

These bikes can still be used as pedal-only for those times you want to push yourself, though they end up being heavier than comparable non-electric bikes because of both the motor and battery pack.

The battery packs e-bikes use are almost always removable and always rechargeable. Some are mounted on the downtube of the frame, while others are mounted in a rear rack. Which style you’ll want will depend largely on personal preference, though frame size also makes a difference in very small sizes, and for electric mountain bikes the frame mount is definitely the best option.

Almost all electric motors direct power to the drivetrain, but some systems still mount the motor to the front wheel. We strongly recommend against this, as it presents a safety hazard, particularly in any kind of rapid stop situation. All of the brands we carry direct power to the drivetrain.


Weighing your options between electric bikes involves more factors, too. Different makes and models offer different levels of assist, numbers of choices between those levels, ranges and charging times and charging methods and different setups in addition to the variations in battery mounting style, weight, and price. If you really love a bike you have now but want to be able to push it – and yourself – farther, there are also electric assist kits. Those also come with a variety of options. We’re happy to help you navigate to the best option for you.

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