We’re deciding our winter hours; please tell us how you’d benefit

As we did in the spring, we’re looking for your thoughts and input on our opening hours.

We’re open 9-6 on the weekends, and have no plans to change that this winter. So our question to you is, how can we best serve you during the weekdays? Last winter we were open 9-5:30 most weekdays, but this spring/summer/autumn we’ve been open 8-6 Monday/Tuesday, and 8-7 Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. Is it important to you for us to be open at 8am some weekdays? Do the 7pm closings help you out? Let us know!

The poll has some suggested answers, you can vote for more than one answer (if more than one applies to you), and there’s a blank field for you to add your own choice if the default options aren’t quite right for you. If you want to tell us what would benefit you in more detail, comment on this post or swing by the store and tell us. Thank you for all responses, we appreciate them.