Swagman Jackknife review

Tim Q. took the Swagman Jackknife for a test run over to Vancouver this weekend and shared his brief thoughts with us:


  • jackknife2Easy to load and unload
  • Can take off either bike without moving the other
  • Seems stable, didn’t notice any bike movement in the rack, but some sway of the whole rack.
  • Might be down to just tightening everything up more.
  • With bikes on and rack in ‘default’ position I can open my rear hatch enough for decent access.
  • Rack does swing away from vehicle and can be done with bikes in the rack
  • Cam lever to fold rack when not in use works well.


  • Pretty big and heavy, not easy to attach and remove the fully assembled rack
  • Places bike pretty high for vertical clearance, they shunted me to the lower ferry decks
  • The pin used to lower the rack away from the vehicle is awkward, this should have been another cam lever. You should probably advise purchasers to lube the whole length of the pin.
  • I’ll look into some modification, but not sure how yet. If you hear of anything please let me know.
  • Difficult to load tight frame/wheel clearance road bikes