Save $200 on any 2016 or earlier bike

We’ve never done a promotion like this before, and we’re really excited about it! Right now, if you purchase any 2016 or earlier bike and add on $400 + tSave $200 on a 2016 in extras, we’ll knock $200 off the bike! Extras can be anything we sell, aside from 2017 bicycles. So whether it’s accessories, service options, parts, labour, apparel, or what have you. We don’t care who it’s for, either. So if you want you can have friends or family participate with you on this deal.

If you don’t need $400 + tax in extras immediately, you can leave any excess as store credit and draw from it until it’s gone, and still get the $200 discount. Those extras can include gift cards (unless you’re paying with gift cards, that is!).

The promo is for in-stock 2016 or earlier bicycles, and is subject to change without notice. That said, we anticipate it sticking around until at least Christmas Eve.