– New Hours

Thanks to the many customers who joined us on Sundays and on the summer stats over the last two months. As we head into Autumn we’ve decided to maintain Sunday openings as long as there is demand for them. Our 8am weekday openings were also a success, so we have decided to maintain 8am openings on Thursdays year round for those customers who need to drop off (or pick up) a bike earlier, or find that 8am is a good time for them to shop. So our current store hours now look like this:

Store Hours
9:00-5:30 Monday
9:00-5:30 Tuesday
9:00-5:30 Wednesday
8:00-5:30 Thursday
9:00-7:00 Friday
9:00-5:30 Saturday
10:00-5:30 Sunday
Open for spring/summer stats
Closed for autumn/winter stats

On the bike front, we’ve had 2011 Kink BMX for a while now, and a few 2011 Konas have shown up. We’ve now ordered our 2011 Devincis and have information in store we can show you, so come by and have a look to learn more about all three.