– New access road to Goldstream Bicycles

Those of you who have visited the shop in recent months have likely noticed the road work, not to mention the new condo building (“The Granderson”). The road work is now complete, which means there’s a new way to access Goldstream Bicycles.

When heading eastbound on Goldstream Avenue (ie. towards Colwood) and wanting to turn left, you no longer turn left directly into our parking lot. Instead, you turn left a few metres further down, on the new road built on the far side of The Granderson. This new road is called McMurdo, and from there you can turn left onto Granderson Road and slip right into our parking lot.

Heading up Goldstream from Colwood, you now have the choice of the new road (McMurdo) or going a little further and making a right turn at the end of our parking lot.

== Dutch Auctions Update ==

Another Friday, another Dutch Auction. This week’s item is the ’09 Kona One20 Deluxe full-suspension cross-country mountain bike. We have two of these remaining, one in 16″ and one in 18″. The One20 Deluxe was originally $1599.99, and begins the auction on sale at 35% off ($1039.99). They’ll both drop in price each week until they sell, or until November 3rd, whichever comes first.

Though we have sold out of the first two Dutch Auction we do still have some of last week’s auction remaining, so those drop in price this week. The Camelbak Ethos and Kronos are now 55% off this week:

Camelbak Kronos, regularly $239.99, on sale for $107.99
Camelbak Ethos, regularly $219.99, on sale for $98.99