– Metchosin Day Dirt-Jump Jam

Philip Manning, who rides for Goldstream Bicycles in the Kona Grassroots programme, is doing a Metchosin Day Dirt Jam Sunday, September 11th, at the Metchosin municipal bike park. Participation is free, and anyone interested is encouraged to go ride with him and other local dirt jumpers anytime between noon and 5pm. All ages and skill levels welcome. Goldstream Bicycles is supporting this great event with draw prizes (including several sets of mountain biking armour, a grand prize of a Camelbak Chaos hydration pack, and more). If you didn’t know Metchosin had a free municipal bike park, then this is a great chance to check it out. And if you need a dirt-jumper mountain bike, all our dirt-jumpers are on sale at the moment.

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