Interbike 2016 Day 1

Interbike 2016 Day 1

I’m in Las Vegas for Interbike today, tomorrow, and Friday, and it’s pretty awesome so far. The whole thing kicks off with an industry breakfast, talking about the current state of the industry. The panel discussion there was about the ways in which racing is still relevant to bikes, even though the ‘Armstrong bubble’ has popped.

I spent most of my day today in panels rather than looking at products. Part of this was because not all the manufacturers here at Interbike are available in Canada, but also because we want to be the best we can and getting new ideas helps us figure out how to better ourselves. A lot of those notes are going to be passed around behind the scenes here at Goldstream, but you might end up seeing the effects!

One consequence of being in panels most of the day was that, between walking back and forth and getting lost on the showroom floor a couple times, ¬†I’m 200m from hatching a 10km egg I only started incubating last night. Thank you, Pokemon GO, for highlighting just how big this convention is.

The streets upon streets of bike stuff at InterbikeIn my defense about getting lost, the floor is pretty big. It’s also really distracting looking at all the cool new stuff. One of the busiest and most excited areas of the show floor was the part dedicated to ebikes. They’re a growing category, and there’s a whole¬†lecture track about new science, new options, and how to share our excitement best with you guys.

More panels, more products, and more updates tomorrow!