Eileen’s last day

It’s with sadness that I report that tomorrow will be Eileen’s final day in the store. She’s loved working with us for the last 22 months, and is leaving with a heavy heart. Eileen is relocating back to Winsconsin to be with old friends and family there, but I’m pleased to report she’s agreed to stay on as our webmistress and will be the driving force behind keeping our online content up to date. In fact, that’s a full time job in and of itself so she’ll have as much work as ever, but she’ll be doing that work remotely in the future. If you want to say goodbye she’ll be working 9-6 tomorrow (Saturday), or you can email her your well wishes.

Welcome to Steve Dutchak (AKA “Steve D.”, not be confused with “Steven H.”) who has joined our team. Watch for him to be added to the “About Us” section when Eileen gets settled back home at Wisconsin and starts updating our website from afar.

We’ll miss having Eileen in the store, she’s been an enthusiastic member of our team, but we’re extremely pleased she’ll be able to make a huge contribution still.