– Cycling shoes $99.99 blowout

We have a selection of Diadora, Time, Axo, 661, and Adidas shoes. Regular prices are $99.99-$229.99, but all of them are selling for $99.99 while supplies last. Please visit the store to see what we have in your size.

The Special Order Deals are being updated regularly. These are deals that we do not have in stock, but that our suppliers have allowed us to offer our customers and can be brought in with a simple phone call, sometimes in as little as a few days. Recent bikes we’ve added include the Leo TT2 triathlon/time trial bike and the Devinci Remix 1 all-mountain-style mountain bike. We’ve also added a used Rocky Mountain Flow dirt-jumper and a Kona Kikapu cross-country mountain bike to the Used Bikes page, and we’ve added updated pics on the Deals page with plain backgrounds so that you can see the bikes better.

The Special Order Deals have been reorganised into more specific categories this week. No more monolithic categories like “Mountain” and “Road”, bikes are now broken down into “Cross-Country”, “Freeride”, “All Mountain”, “Slopestyle”, “Downhill”, “Cyclocross”, “Road”, and “Triathlon/Time Trial”. Bikes added this last week include two carbon fibre road bikes, two cyclocross bikes, a downhill bike, and two all mountain bikes.

The Deals page has also received some love this week, with the Haro Heartland’s price being reduced by $70 to $379.99 and all Devinci Lifestyles getting an even bigger discount at $100 per bike.

Another improvement this week is more content on the Road/Tri/Cyclocross page (previously named the “Road/Triathlon” page). It has brief histories and descriptions of the sports and photos of those sports in action. This was one of several pages that had little more than a promise of “More content to come,” before. There is yet more content to come for this page and many other pages on our site during the autumn and winter, and into the busy season next year.

Please keep checking back to see what’s new for Deals, the Special Order Deals, and for the site in general.