“Community Buy” escalating discount deal

By now you’re probably familiar with our dutch auctions, and they’re a great way to find unusual one-off deals. But what about a deal that you’ll want to tell all your friends about?

We’re pleased to announce a new programme we call “Community Buy”, an escalating discount offer. Our first deal under the programme is the Joytrax SE kids trailer. This deal is starting at 50% off ($379.99, regularly $759.99), but for every one we sell between now and Christmas we’ll drop the sale price by 1%. So why would you buy it now instead of waiting? Because, starting on Boxing Day, we’ll give refunds to every purchaser to drop the price they paid down to the final price.

The sooner you buy in, the quicker the price drops, the more other people are tempted in, and the bigger your discount ends up being. Just buy a trailer (or give us a deposit and pay off the rest later) and you’re in, then tell your friends and family so that they can buy a trailer and get you both additional discounts.

A reminder that we’re looking for one or two more sales/customer service staff. For more information, please visit our Careers page.

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