– Check out the BLT Triton T4 light

Recently added to our “Deals” page is the BLT Triton T4 light, one of the most highly discounted items in the store. It’s regularly $159.99, but on sale half price for $69.99. This light is extremely bright, it’s rated as equivalent to a 21 watt halogen light, but it’s dramatically lighter and more energy efficient than any halogen could ever hope to be because the Triton is LED.

One unusual thing about the light is that it has an aluminum body, not a plastic one. While a nice side-effect of this is that it makes the light more durable, there’s another reason for it. The BLT Triton produces so much light that, even using energy efficient LED, it needs an aluminum body to stand up to, and to help dissipate, the heat it produces. The ridges on the top of the light act like a heat sink to assist with this.

blt-triton-3 The Triton is a rechargeable system, coming with rechargeable batteries and a rapid charger. One advantage of this system is that replacement batteries are very inexpensive. While a rechargeable battery pack offers the greatest convenience for frequent recharging, separate batteries offer the greatest advantage price-wise. The included batteries are lithium-ion, meaning they are extremely lightweight and have no memory effect (so you can recharge them whenever it’s convenient for you, without having to wait until they get low). We have replacement rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in stock for the Triton. I personally like the fact that the included charger is on a cord, meaning that if you use it on a power bar it doesn’t eliminate several plugs.

The BLT Triton comes with both a traditional handlebar mount (one that swivels 360 degrees to accommodate swept-back handlebars and other unusual configurations), and a helmet mount (which for most lightsets would be an extra charge).

We believe the Triton is a winner, especially on sale half-price. Please visit Goldstream Bicycles in Langford, while supplies last, if you want to check out the BLT Triton T4.

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