Endura clothing and accessories are durable and innovative.

Endura was founded in 1993 in Scotland, so they’re used to considering the kind of weather we get in Victoria. They make functional, durable clothing and accessories to keep you comfortable on your ride throughout the year. Road, mountain, and triathlon riders can all find high-performance Endura items, while urban and leisure riders can stay casual and still keep the same utility.¬†From shorts to shoe covers, we have items to suit you and your riding style.

Endura Options

Endura Luminite shoe cover
Luminite shoe cover

We have a wide array of Endura products, and they vary by season. Get kitted out for riding comfortably all year round. Check out items like the Luminite line, which boost your visibility.

Wondering what kind of bike clothing is out there? We have a FAQ for that.

Wondering if we have something in particular? Email us! And, if you’re looking for something specific, ask us about special orders. We’re happy to help you find the best products for you.