Bike-specific clothing can make your ride more comfortable as well as more stylish. Keep dry and stay in your comfort zone temperature-wise with our range of apparel.


Cycling jerseys are the shirts cyclists wear for riding. Unlike regular Tshirts, the materials are more breathable and don’t chafe. Some even have pockets to make it easier to take stuff with you.


Bike clothing can be broadly categorized by road or mountainRoad jerseys tend to be form-fitting to reduce wind drag, since most road riding focuses a great deal on performance. They’re fairly likely to have pockets on the lower back to facilitate bringing along energy bars and credit cards and tools. Because of the closer fit, most road jerseys are zip-closure.


Mountain jerseys tend to be loose and of durable material, since they are designed to minimize abrasions during a crash as well as wick, and wind drag does not tend to be an issue during mountain riding. They also tend to be pullover, and not have pockets, or have small pockets on the sleeves. Mountain jerseys are also commonly available in both short- and long-sleeved varieties.

Going to a jersey instead of a Tshirt can keep you a lot more comfortable while riding.



Mountain shorts are mostly un-padded, because they’re designed to vent well to keep you cool and to stand up to hard wear when you’re in the woods.


Shorts are one of the primary components of comfort on a bike. In addition to offering extra padding, padded they wick away moisture to keep the rider dry and cool.

To help find a pair of shorts that work for you, there are a few factors to consider:


Shorts with more panels are going to fit better, as there are more lines along which to stretch and mold to fit an individual. Bicycle shorts are designed to be form-fitting, as the closer a material is to the body the better it will wick moisture away, but overtight shorts are always to be avoided. One aspect of bike shorts is the band at the bottom of the leg that keeps the leg of the shorts from riding up and bunching. A band that is too tight can restrict circulation and make a ride uncomfortable. A band should be just tight enough that it stops the short from moving. Most bands will have flat seaming and an anti-slip strip so that the leg of the shorts can be kept comfortably in place.


The chamois is the padding in a short, the part that adds comfort to them. A chamois makes shorts more comfortable not just because of the padding but because it assists with wicking away sweat. The seat area tends to be a warm area of the body anyway, but during exercise like biking and against the saddle it can become uncomfortably warm and sweaty. Wicking away the sweat will help to keep you cooler.


How well your shorts breathe determines how well the areas of the short apart from the chamois keep you cool and dry. Underwear will breathe better than shorts in almost all cases, which is why if you’re primarily riding with your padded shorts under other shorts, that is an excellent way to go. Underwear, though, tend to not be opaque enough to be worn alone in hot weather. Cycling shorts, when worn alone, are more breathable than underwear under regular shorts.

Other Clothing

Rain pants, jackets, tights, gilets and socks designed for cycling can all deliver more specialized comfort. Finding the right bike clothing for you can improve the overall comfort of your ride. Stop in and we’ll help you find the best choices for you.

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