20% bonus credit for your New Year’s Resolution

Bicycles can be amazing tools for accomplishing New Year’s Resolutions. Want to get fitter? Check. Want to help the environment? Check. Want to save money? Cycling can be inexpensive transportation and recreation, so check and check.

To encourage people to think about how cycling can enable New Year’s Resolutions, we’re offering 20% bonus credit on all gift card purchases this holiday season. For example, if you purchase a $250 gift card we’ll increase it to $300. It’s that easy.

What’s the catch?  To drive home the New Year’s Resolution idea, these gift cards are valid starting on January 1st.  They have no expiry date, though.  And we’ll even be open on New Year’s Day, if the lucky recipient of the gift card wants get the ball rolling immediately.

Are you planning to make a big bicycle-related purchase in the new year?  Don’t wait until then to get started, make that your New Year’s Resolution and get a 20% bonus now towards it.

Whether you’re hoping to get a loved one excited about cycling as a New Year’s Resolution, or planning to make that commitment to yourself, we’re happy to get you started.  These New Year’s Resolution bonus credits are available for gift card purchases between now and December 24th, 2015.

Please note: A limit of $1000 per gift card. You may purchase as many gift cards as you wish, but you may only use one per transaction. Please enquire in store for full details.