We carry sunglasses in many shapes and stylesWearing sunglasses on a bike isn’t just for sun shading and style — much like the windshield in your car or the visor on your motorcycle helmet, sunglasses provide shielding from flying debris like bugs and leaves, from rain, and from wind that can make you tear up and reduce visibility. That’s apart from the UV protection. And that’s as important as any other safety precaution you can take.


But since debris and wind exist at whatever time of day you’re riding, we carry Serfas and Tifosi glasses, most of which come with interchangeable lenses. Different lenses give you the option to adjust to any riding condition. Most come with very dark lens (for bright sun), clear for riding at night and a mid-tone for cloudy days. Some also come with a fourth lens in a yellower tone for better visibility at dusk or around water.

Interchangeable lenses, as you would expect, pop in and out easily. The ones we carry also come with their own protective case that fits in the carrying case for the sunglasses themselves. This is to let you keep everything organized and scratch-free. Come on in to find the style that fits you!

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