Helmets come in a variety of stylesHelmets are not only a legal requirement in British Columbia, they are a vital safety measure. Wearing a helmet during a crash can prevent concussions and other serious head injuries, or at least dramatically reduce the level of injury. Some helmets come with MIPS – Multi-directional Impact Protection System. MIPS may help further reduce injuries.

Most modern bicycle helmets feature internal suspension to keep the helmet positioned correctly on the head.  They also mostly have venting to allow air to flow over your head and keep you cooler as you ride.

Full-face helmets offer jaw protectionAdditionally, full-face helmets – the kind used for BMX racing and downhill riding – also protect the face and jaw. For the kind of riding that includes higher danger of crashing into trees and other obstacles, check out full-face. Many are also designed to work with goggles. This makes it easy to protect your eyes at the same time!

Skate lids are generally preferred for BMX or skateboarding. They have less venting, but there are increasing options. Skate lids tend to have a clean profile and plenty of style.


All bicycle helmets are single-impact only. After being in an accident where you think there was even a possibility that you hit your head, it is important to replace your helmet. Additionally, the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute recommends that you replace your helmet every 8 years, though the Snell Foundation recommends replacing it every 5 years.

We strongly recommend against buying used helmets, as it can be extremely difficult to tell if a helmet has experienced an impact.

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