Keep It Clean

Some trails are worth cleaning up after
Some trails are worth cleaning up after.

Keeping a bicycle clean can be challenging if you’re riding in wet weather or or in muddy condition. Accumulated muck can interfere with the operation of moving parts and can be difficult to get off if left to dry. Some cleaning products and degreasers can cause more harm than good, contaminating sensitive components. Keeping a bike clean and properly lubricated will also help prevent rust and premature wear, and keep your bike running better for longer. Good quality bicycle-safe lubricants are recommended for best performance (WD-40 is NOT recommended as it is a water-displacement agent, not a lubricant, and can contaminate or dilute lubricants).

One of the best ways to clean a bicycle is to gently rinse your bike with a “shower” setting or garden-style watering can. If the mud is caked on thick, you can carefully brush it away with a gentle bristle brush then wipe the frame with a clean damp cloth (use a bike-wash product for a little added muscle that’s safe for bicycle components).

If you choose to use the hose, follow a few simple tips to get it done right. Gentle rinsing is the name of the game . Even putting your thumb on the end to create pressure can be too much for the seals on your bike. You don’t want to get water inside your bicycles bearings, cables and chain bushings, because that can lead to costly repairs later on.

It is best to only use water. Some soaps and solvents can cause damage to bicycles. If you need a bit more muscle for stubborn dirt, use a bicycle-friendly cleaning product. Most bike components are cleaned off of the bike to avoid contaminating other areas of the bike. Please feel free to ask our staff for more information.


A clean bicycle doesn’t just look nicer; it can help your bike function better, too. Keeping the brake pads, braking surfaces and moving components of your bicycle free of grit helps extend the life of the brake pads, the braking surface and drivetrain, among others, since grit can work like sandpaper and increase wear and tear. Keeping your chain clean and lubricated (but not over-lubricated) will keep it running longer and shifting better.

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