opusThe Opus Nix is one of their kids bikesWe first picked up Opus in 2010, when we were delighted to discover their kids bikes. They put in a lot of attention to detail and still manage to keep the weight down. As a result of their light weight, young riders find it easier to go faster – and to fall in love with biking.

Opus designs their bikes here in Canada. Going a step further, they assemble most of their bikes at their LEED-certified, ecoEnergy award-winning headquarters in Ville St. Laurent, Montreal, Quebec. This is the kind of sustainability effort we can get behind. Their dedication to the environment has been the driving force behind the design of their hybrid and urban bikes, too. Opus’ hybrid and urban bikes range from lightweight and sporty to upright and relaxed. One option is the Urbanista line, which offers aesthetics-focused bikes that don’t compromise reliability, perfect for downtown. For 2017, Opus also branched out to electric-assist bikes. They’re as committed as we are to making bikes viable transportation for everyone.


Opus offers a full range of bicycles, including a wide selection of road bikes. They back their rigid frames with a lifetime warranty. They back dual suspension frames for two years. View/download an Opus owners’ manual here.