KONA_logoPhilip on his KonaWe’re not just proud to carry Kona because they’re designed in Vancouver for the way we ride out here on the West Coast, but it doesn’t hurt. These hometown heroes have a history of quality and back it up with lifetime warranties on their frames. They build incredibly tough dirt jumpers because they’ve been to the North Shore, and a number of their commuters come pre-equipped with fenders because their designers deal with Vancouver rain.

Kona Over Time

Starting with mountain bikes in the late ’80s, over the years Kona has expanded into road bikes, kids bikes, and more. They’ve stayed strong in their mountain bikes, though. In the last few years, they’ve come out with some of the coolest enduro bikes around. Come on in to check out the Process and Precept lines, both designed for phenomenal trail, enduro, and gravity riding. Pick the suspension for the way you want to ride and hit the mountain all day.

Now they also make the Wo line of snow bikes. Fat tires give you fun and stability though the snowpocalypse. If your adventures are a little less frozen, Kona still has you covered. They’ve expanded over the years to include hybrids, endurance road bikes, and many other options.

Goldstream and Kona

kona 2014 prototypeWe’ve been carrying Kona since the early 1990s, when we were happy to be able to pick up Canadian content. Kona also donated over 4000 bikes to sub-Saharan communities in need of transportation through their Africabike program. We were very excited to take part!