Summer is here, and the riding is easy!

Summer is finally here! A reminder that we’re open longer hours this summer (8-7 on weekdays, 9-6 on weekends and statutory holidays),

For those who remember her, former staff member Eileen will be rejoining us in the store for July, August, and September. She now works for the store as a contractor, updating our website and other remote activities. Her first shift will be Saturday, July 6th. Swing on by and say hi!

Speaking of updates to the website, it keeps gradually getting more fully featured. We’ve been adding more detailed product pages, such as this one for the Kona Dew. We are re-running our popular buy one, get one (BOGO) promotion, with more product categories to be added soon. And in general we are just doing our best to get through the busy season, where we sell bikes faster than we can even build them.

So here’s to another season of riding and enjoying our bikes in Great Victoria, one of the cycling meccas of Canada.